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During the launch, 20% $AVAX of every minting fee is given back to existing NFT holders.

The contract is written in a such way that as soon as the full NFT collection is sold,

the holder with a maximum NFT at the moment will get an access to a separate repository,

where 200 AVAX are safely stored and could be transferred to his wallet!

And also there is protection against the same amount of NFT. All for the community.

The top holder of NFTs will get 20% of the total bank of NFT sold

Yes, you read it correctly!

500 NFT * 2 AVAX = 1000 AVAX * 20% = 200 AVAX to the wallet of the top holder of the NFT.

Buy and Hold $BJOE more one billion tokens and get a chance to win 100 AVAX!
1 winner will be randomly selected from all the $BJOE holders!

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And of course we don't forget about our wonderful community.

10% of the money collected from the sale of NFT will go to buyback the $BJOE token.

- 20 AVAX first buyback

- 30 AVAX second buyback

- 50 AVAX third buyback

- And this is as much as 100 AVAX!


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